Monday, June 17, 2013

Before He Was the "Man of Steel..."

When I finished writing my novel, The Scent of a Soul, a little over four years ago, I did what a lot of authors can't help but do...I mused about who would play the leading parts in the movie version. And way before I knew he'd been chosen to play Superman in Man of Steel, I pegged Henry Cavill to play Marek Jamison, lead hero in my story.

I was able to see Man of Steel, and there were many scenes that had me saying, "That is so Marek!" and I couldn't help but wish just a little bit that I was watching Henry Cavill play the role of  my character, Marek. I know I'm not the first author to think this way, nor the last, but it was a little bittersweet to experience.

As for the movie itself...I enjoyed it completely! I've heard some complaints that the slow parts are too slow, but I loved them, and didn't think them too slow. I love character building scenes that form the foundation for a solid story. I thought the writers did an excellent job. The fight scenes are tremendous---don't know that my eight-year-old is ready for them, but my fifteen-year-old will definitely love them.

Man of Steel is most certainly a popcorn worthy, summer blockbuster, but it's more than a thrill ride. It's a story about learning who you are and doing your best with what you've been given. I highly recommend it!


  1. Haven't seen the movie yet, but I'll go just to eat a big tub of popcorn :)

    I know what you mean about casting for the book..i do that for almost every book I like!

  2. Glad you thought so! I haven't had the chance to see it yet):
    Thanks so much for finding me on Book Blogs. I just followed this blog. I'd love if you could pop over and take a peek (and maybe follow) mine!~

  3. I had never seen Henry Cavill before Man of Steel but he was great and I like that you'd cast him for your leading man before he became a household name :) Visiting from book blogs and following you on G+.