Saturday, April 19, 2014

I am a Christian. . .

I am a Christian.

Some may have stopped reading after that first sentence, but I hope not. My intent with this post is not to preach, but to share.

It should come as no surprise to anyone after visiting my blog that I am as much a movie lover as I am a book lover. This season of movies has given us several Christian-based films: The Saratov Approach, God's Not Dead, Noah, Heaven Is for Real, and Son of God. I have seen them all.

You may not agree with me on some of my opinions as to the quality or content of the films, but this post is not about critiquing these movies. It is about the message I took away from each as I left the movie theater. After each, I walked away with a feeling of love and hope. And, each time I felt a strong desire to write this post, but never so much as after Son of God.

I was raised in a strong family, firm in our faith. And, whereas my parents laid that foundation for me, they always encouraged me to know, to find what is true for myself. So I did.

I served an eighteen-month mission for my church in Ukraine and Belarus when I was 21. It was during that time that I knew that what I believed was either all true, or all a lie. Through prayer and the sincerest desire to know, I gained my answer.

So, what is it I know? I know God lives. I know His Son, Jesus Christ, lives and is our Redeemer and Savior. He came to this world to atone for our sins so that we might live with God again someday. I don't believe this. I know this.

But more than that, I know God loves us, as we are, each of us, His children. I know Christ loves us! And there are days where these thoughts humble and amaze me, to the point of tears and reflection. We are not alone--never. I have felt Their love and support in my darkest hours.

I know that different religions could debate the contents and doctrine of Son of God. Was it spot-on with my religion in every minute detail? No. But it doesn't matter. I cannot deny the feelings it evoked in me, along with a genuine need to let others know how loved they are, and how much we matter to God.

Despite the wrongs of this world, which are too many to try and find an answer for in this post, I would have you leave this site knowing that you are something special. And, despite your flaws and imperfections, God and His Son consider the worth of your soul to be great.

So, whether you are a believer or not, I wish you an Easter season of peace. And I hope that someday you may all have that personal knowledge of just how priceless you are to the Creator of the Universe, and the Redeemer of this world.