Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I thought making the decision to conduct a book cover voting would be a fun way to involve all of you in this process. It turned out to be much more than that. I had such an overwhelming response that it literally took me and my art cover designer, Julie, back to the drawing board. The voting itself came out extremely close, but after much internal debating, I knew the decision that had to be made. Not only is this the cover that had the most votes, it is also the cover that speaks to me when I think of The Scent of a Soul. It is The Scent of a Soul, and I could not be more pleased with it. I know many of you voted for this cover, and many of you did not. I hope those of you who did not, will understand how I came to this decision after you have the opportunity to read the book. It is very fitting to Lilliah and Marek's story. I hope you enjoy it.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Thanks to ALL!

The voting on my book cover ended last Thursday, but I would like to heartily thank all of you who participated, either by voting here on my blog or through my e-mail, or some other avenue. It was a completely eye-opening and fun experience! I learned much from it and received many interesting and thought provoking comments. The contest was very close, and the cover winner is being finalized and will be revealed on Wednesday. As an update, last Friday we made the final touches to my manuscript and uploaded it to the publisher, where a loud "Whew!" could be heard from those present. I'm getting closer to being able to share my book with all of you and, for me, it is like waiting for Christmas to come.  See you on Wednesday...    

Thursday, September 13, 2012

They're Here!

I am thrilled to present these book covers for your vote! Please vote for your favorite using the poll to the right. Click on a cover to view in greater detail. Thanks for your input and feel free to leave any comments--I always love comments! The final reveal will be posted next Friday. 

Cover A

Cover B

Cover C

Cover Art Design copyrighted Julie Thompson

Monday, September 10, 2012

Book Cover Voting

I was very excited to share my synopsis for THE SCENT OF A SOUL with you last week, and I am even more excited to share the three finalists for its book cover. Please join with me this Friday, September 14, 2012, for the reveal of the three book cover finalists and cast your vote, letting me know what you think. I look forward to your shared opinions. See you then... 

Friday, September 7, 2012


The journey of eternity begins with a single Kiss....

Fleeing her recent past, Lilliah Woods finds refuge in the anonymity of the present day inner-city slums. As she settles into the seedy apartment she must now call  home, she meets mysterious Marek Jamison when he materializes in her doorway demanding to know who she is. From that moment, he becomes a guardian and guide as she gradually discovers his hidden world.

As their relationship develops, Lilliah learns of Marek's dark past and of a brothers' quarrel he has been embroiled in for years. The quarrel turns into a larger battle of good and evil, liberty versus tyranny, and the separation of love and lust.

With Lilliah as the ultimate prize, the deadly conflict reaches out to threaten her family, and the outcome of the final battle will determine her fate. Lilliah must embark on an unexpected path that teaches her to trust in the man she has come to love, and give of herself as she never thought she could....

Monday, September 3, 2012

Book Synopsis Reveal

I am so excited to let you know that on Friday, September 7, 2012, I will be posting my first book synopsis reveal. This has been a long time in the coming, and I can hardly wait. I hope you'll join me as I begin this final walk down the road to sharing my book in full. Until Friday...