Saturday, May 18, 2013

Help Me Name My High School....Please!

So, I've finished writing the climax to my second novel, The Sound of a Silent Heart (Candice and Flynn's story.) It takes place in Boston, and I have Candice working at a high school there. I wanted it to be a fictional school, so when I started writing I researched the schools of Boston and came up with "Revere High School" home of the Patriots. Pretty cool, right?

Wrong! Feeling the need to do a little more research, I found out there is a Revere, MA, and that there is, of course, a "Revere High School" in their town, and guess what? Ta da...they are the Patriots. And, yes, they would more than likely, at some point, play Boston schools.

Some might say, "Big deal! It's just a book."

But, it is a big deal to me. So, please, I ask me name my high school. I want it to be of some significance to both Boston and American history in both name and mascot. I would appreciate any and all input on this. Please leave a blog or email address if you give a suggestion, because I would love to send you my first novel, The Scent of a Soul, and use your name in The Sound of a Silent Heart (in some capacity) as a way to say "thank you" if I use your suggestion.

I eagerly look forward to hearing from you!!


  1. How about Bunker Hill High School (From the Battle of Bunker Hill in Boston). The mascot could be the generals or something.

    Or Brahmins Academy. Brahmins were an elite chaste of Boston's upper class during the Rev. War. Mascots could be the yankees.

    Or Hutchinson High School after the general who helped perpetrate the Boston Tea Party. They could be the pirates since they were kind of like pirates at the time.

    Couldn't find any high schools close to that area with those names. Hope this helps or sparks you to think of something else. Good luck!


  2. So I have a few suggestions:

    Crispus Attucks High School - He is considered to be the first casualty of the American Revolution. Killed at the Boston Massacre, he was a freed slave and a sailor. there is in fact one high school bearing his name, but it is in Indianapolis. Their mascot is the Tigers(??)

    Samuel Maverick High School - Also killed at the Boston Massacre, he was a seventeen year old apprentice (high school student?) His name gives you a ready made mascot. There is no high school in the US that I could find bearing his name.

    Samuel gray, a rope maker; James Caldwell, a sailor and Patrick Carr, a leather worker and Irish immigrant were other casualties of the Boston Massacre.

    Henry Knox High School - I think this one has a nice ring to it. Henry Knox was a soldier. He became an officer at a young age (18) and was eventually made a colonel when Geaorge Washington took over the rebel army. He fought at Bunker Hill. Then afterward Washington was trying to assault Boston and found his artillery to be inadequate. Knox suggested a plan of resupply by traveling to the border (w/Canada) forts. the plan was not well received by the senior staff, but Washington was so impressed with his character and enthusiasm that he gave him the ok. He returned (I am skipping the best part of the story by the way) one month later w/55 artillery guns (a huge number at the time). He was cheered as he arrived by the troops and Washington promoted him to Brigadier General. From this point he was a close advisor and friend of Washington until the end of the war.

    1. Independence High and your mascot could be the Revolutionaries

  3. Bulfinch High School
    Mascot: The Pioneers
    Charles Bulfinch (August 8, 1763 – April 15, 1844) was an early American architect, and has been regarded by many as the first native-born American to practice architecture as a profession. Born in Boston and was the architect of many Boston landmarks.

    1. I'm adding to my previous suggestion...could also use his full name: Charles Bulfinch High School. I think Bulfinch High is kind of catchy, too! ;) I did not find any high school by that name when I did a Google search.

  4. there are a couple of Independence Highs in the US but none in Mass.

  5. What a cool idea to ask.
    How about Percival Lowell High. Lowell was an astronomer. Guess it would be the skies the limit for school and learning. Mascot? Books!
    Nah - sounds corny, but did enjoy the exercise. Good luck.

    Hope you find the one!

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  7. Possible names have been covered pretty well, but I have one last idea:

    You could call it Harvard High School; Cambridge is incredibly close to Boston, and you could have a humorous aside mentioning how the school had been given that name in hopes that people would think it must be a good school to be associated with Harvard.

    I really like this blog and am now following via email.

    Getty Hesse