Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I would LOVE to gift my book to you!!

Natalie Carroll at The Written Adventure Blog has read and enthusiastically recommends my novel, The Scent of a Soul. Not only that, but she is graciously hosting a Rafflecopter giveaway for either a paperback or ebook version of my story.

Please visit here to learn what she has to say about The Scent of a Soul and enter to win--because I would love to gift my book to you! (Yes, you!) :-)

". . . The Scent of a Soul is a fantastic book. It had me flipping pages as if there were no tomorrow. It is definitely a five out of five for me." ~Natalie Carroll, The Written Adventure


  1. Yes! Come visit my blog, the giveaway ends on January 10th, so hurry on over! It is truly an amazing book. You will NOT be disappointed :)

  2. I just watched the book trailer and your book sounds so good! I am definitely adding it to my to read list.

    Niki @ Forever Reading

  3. Hi! You left me a message on BookBlogs so I decided to check out your page and I really like it. Your book looks and sounds very interesting, absolutely love the cover! I'm going to head on over to the blog you mentioned so I can get a chance to win it. I would also love it if you could come check out my page as well if you have the time, thanks.


  4. Oh! And I'm a new follower as well :D

  5. Well then I guess I should go check out that blog huh? :)

  6. Hi Jennifer, I love your blog. I see you're an author, wow that's AWESOME.
    This is my blog (http://geybie.net). Hope we can be friends. Have a wonderful day Jen. :)

  7. Just finished reading it. 12:30 last night, which should tell you something... ;-)

    I'll be back once I've done a proper review, or I'll let you know on bookblogs. Got bills to pay today and a gale/storm due so I might be back much later in the week!

  8. Sounds like a good read. Cover's super appealing!

    Anyway, blog hopping here. Saw your post on book blogs, just thought to drop by and check you out. Nice Blog! Just followed you on GFC and G+. ^_^

    Bheiy @My Book Cushion

  9. Love the title of your book, Jennifer! And the trailer is quite intriguing. Good luck with it!