Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Proverbial "Resolution"

I know myself, and resolutions don't usually work out for me. But this year feels different. I want it to be different. So, my resolution is...diligence. I know exactly what I should be doing with my life, but sometimes I get sloppy, lazy, apathetic. What I need is a healthy dose of diligence. I want to do better, be better, so why not start with the good things in my life that I let sit by the wayside sometimes. It's time to pick up the good, no...great things in life that I have put off for far too long, dust them off and Just. Do. Them! From exercise, to spending more time with my children, to communing with God a little more each day, it's time to be diligent. Just a little more each day is my plan, but the results will be big!

Have a great year, everyone. I look forward to sharing on this blog in new ways, and I hope to hear from you in return. 

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