Monday, September 24, 2012

Thanks to ALL!

The voting on my book cover ended last Thursday, but I would like to heartily thank all of you who participated, either by voting here on my blog or through my e-mail, or some other avenue. It was a completely eye-opening and fun experience! I learned much from it and received many interesting and thought provoking comments. The contest was very close, and the cover winner is being finalized and will be revealed on Wednesday. As an update, last Friday we made the final touches to my manuscript and uploaded it to the publisher, where a loud "Whew!" could be heard from those present. I'm getting closer to being able to share my book with all of you and, for me, it is like waiting for Christmas to come.  See you on Wednesday...    


  1. Cant wait to read the book let me know when I can purchase one!! :-)

  2. Let us know when it is finally available.