Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lovin' "42" (The movie, that is...)

By now it's no secret that I love a good movie, just as much as I love a good book. And, when you leave the movie theater wanting to be a better person, you know you've seen a great movie. So I can't keep quiet about the movie 42.  I believe I had heard the name "Jackie Robinson" before, but I never knew anything about him...until now.

This movie is inspirational and full of things I love about the human spirit: dedication, drive, self-control, humility, forgiveness, name a few. As you watch, you feel Jackie Robinson's passion for baseball and for the love of his wife. It's so easy to become his own personal cheerleader from your movie seat (with the added emotion of wanting to deck a few people along the way for him).

I love all kinds of "feel good" sports movies: The Natural, Hoosiers, The Rookie, Miracle, The Game of Their Lives, Invincible, Victory, Rudy (okay, the list is quite long).... And now, I've added 42. This is exactly the type of movie I will have my children sit down and watch (when they are age appropriate), because of all the beautiful messages it teaches. I'm a Christian and, as such, I loved the references to God and the Bible; Harrison Ford's character in this regard (and others) was endearing to me. He did a wonderful job portraying Branch Rickey.  

If you love a great movie, and don't mind it revolving around sports, then this is one not to be missed. Take a friend and have a good time!

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