Monday, May 13, 2013

Eternal by Chantelle Nay

"She hoped someday, someone would be able to break through her invisible brick wall, swim the moat of impossible expectations, and rescue her from herself. She didn't want to end up an old spinster."

Prepare for an emotional roller coaster ride while reading this book!!

Emma is a seventeen, soon to be eighteen, year-old girl who has pretty much been a loner her whole life. But, when she is saved by an angel and hears his voice, she no longer feels alone, especially as he begins to interact with her more and more. In fact, he begins to fill a void within Emma. Then enters Destry. He is the stuff dream guys are made of: smart, kind, witty, caring, and! This is where emotions begin to rise and fall like a fast moving roller coaster.

Chantelle Nay has created a story that is easy to read and where the reader becomes emotionally attached to both males in Emma's life. At times, I was rooting for the angel, Micah, others, it was all about Destry. The ending was a brilliant wrap up that left me saying, "Whew!" because for a while I wasn't sure we were going to get a "happy ending."

This story will appeal especially to the YA audience, but can be enjoyed by anyone that enjoys a sweet, paranormal romance. And, the teaser at the end for Nay's sequel will have you saying, "Where's the rest?!"

I give this book a solid four stars!!

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